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Hi, I'm Leila.

I'm new to this whole blogging business, so I apologise for the current layout of my blog - I'll watch some YouTube videos to remedy this ASAP.

Anyway, I thought I'd create a blog to document my thoughts, travels and general questions about the world. I realise that the first post is pretty important in establishing a tone for the rest of a blog, so I thought I'd use this post to tell you a little bit about myself and my reasons for blogging.

1. I'm currently 17 years old and a student studying for my A-levels.

2. I'm the eldest sibling - I have two younger brothers. I know.

Here is a photo of my brother shoving cake in my face on a recent holiday :)
Here is a photo of my brother shoving cake in my face on a recent holiday :)

3. I thought I'd call my blog 'shooting from a click' as a play on the idiom 'shooting from the hip,' as I intend to write with honesty (I'd say I'm quite opinionated...) It also just so happens that my surname is 'Gunn'... see what I did there?

4. I've been lucky enough to travel quite a lot in my 17 years, to places such as Iceland and Vietnam, so I thought a blog would be a good way of documenting any future voyages.

Mekong Delta - Vietnam
Mekong Delta - Vietnam

5. My dream is to become a journalist. I am part of various news clubs in school, so I see blogging as the perfect medium to publish my articles all in one place.

6. I'm an animal lover. I have a dog called Buster and a cat called Seraphina ('Sebbles' for short - I named her after the 'Barbie: Princess and the Pauper' film when I was 7. I also go horse-riding weekly on a Chestnut Thoroughbred mare called Flaire.




7. I work in a sea-side cafĂ©/ice-cream parlour in England. We eat a lot of ice-cream.

8. I love photography. I am currently saving up for a new camera so I can take better, higher-quality photos - I understand from reading other blogs that photographs are very useful in accompanying blog posts. You know what they say, 'a picture is worth a thousand words'.

9. And that's another thing I'll be using this blog for, quotes. There's nothing I like more than a relatable quote, but they're not all soppy and 'moody teenager-esque,' I promise.

10. My nickname is 'Lils.' I'm not quite sure why, but it might have something to do with being shorter than the majority of my friends.

11. I can unicycle thanks to my German/Polish/English best friend who kindly brought me back a unicycle from Germany a few years ago.


12. I don't have a list of my 'Top 10 favourite films' because I don't really watch them - I find it surprisingly difficult to find the hours to sit down and watch films. However, I do love watching TV, especially documentaries such as those by Stacey Dooley (AKA my journalist idol) and I am addicted to watching 'Made in Chelsea' - it's my guilty pleasure!

13. I hate, hate, HATE chewing-gum. I cannot stand speaking to or even sitting next to someone whilst they loudly chomp on a piece of hour-old gum with their mouth open. Eurghhh. Whatever happened to manners?

I think I'll stop there before I bore you with any more of my pet peeves, but I hope I've given you a small insight into my general character/being. I've set myself a goal to write at least a couple of posts a week, so I hope you'll return to read the next!

Till then,



  1. A very enjoyable read Miss Gunn. I look forward to your future posts.

  2. Love your blog and so nice to know you're not far from me! Do you have bloglovin'? I'd love to follow! xx

  3. Hi Leila, Alex Masterson who works with you at Waitrose also likes animals, ice cream, photography and hates chewing gum (he opts for the classic polo when he requires a freshen up)