School's out!

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The Summer Holidays have finally arrived and coincidentally it was my friend Lucy's birthday yesterday, which meant another lunch out.... Oops. The purpose of this post isn't really to give a breakdown of the day, but just an excuse to show off my new baby.... My Rx100 camera. 

So as we had a half day again, our whole gang went to Ocean Beach for lunch - one of my favourite restaurants in Southend. Not only is the food delicious, but it's actually located on the beach. Sitting out on the decking on a nice sunny day is pure bliss.

Of course this gave me the perfect opportunity to take a few snaps - here's what we had to eat;

 Coconut Tiger Prawns


Parilla Chorizos

Breaded Langoustine Scampi

Roast Duck Oriental Noodles

Smoked Salmon Ciabatta with Cream Cheese, Capers and Dill

Crayfish tail ciabatta with Lime and Coriander Mayonnaise

We had planned to then spend the afternoon at a friend's beach hut, however abandoned this decision when we realised how blustery it was outside....(It doesn't look it in the photos, but I haven't seen the waves so rough in a looooong time)

Nevertheless this again provided the perfect photo opportunity along the seafront.

And a house party with my pals topped the day off...

So, a slightly boring blog post today content-wise I know, but I just couldn't wait to share my snaps with you all. 

I am so in love with the Rx100. I wouldn't class myself as a particularly good photographer, so I needed something which is easy to use but also takes high quality photos. Although I think the iPhone camera is really good, the quality of the photos dramatically decreases when blown up in size. I also needed something inconspicuous which I can carry around with me wherever I go. 

At £240.00, the camera was quite a big investment for me (and I expect I'll spend my summer working to try and pay it off!) but compared to other snapshot cameras, this seemed to be the average price mark. I haven't had too much experience of using other cameras, but it's definitely the best camera I've ever used.... For me it ticks all of the boxes! 

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  1. You all look gorgeous! Shame it being windy, the sea front looks stunning!