VFest 2015

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So my blog seems to be broken, which is pretty annoying as that means I'm a bit reluctant to post if nobody can read it.... I've looked at various forums to try to figure out how to solve the issue, but every time I load the post it crashes. So I thought I'd write a short post today just to stay active on here in case anybody was starting to think that I'd abandoned my blog. That's absolutely not the case, I'm just struggling with technology at the moment! 

Anyway, last weekend my friends and I attended the V festival in Hylands Park and had a wonderful time. A few of us had been before, however this is the first time we'd gone as a group from school so we were really looking forward to it. Even better, my friend's grandparents are perhaps the loveliest people you will ever meet as they conveniently live 5 minutes away from the festival, and agreed to let us camp in their garden over the weekend. For anybody who's camped at these kind of festivals before, (I've never braved it but have been told once or twice before by others) it's not the most 'pleasant' of experiences. So this kind of 'glamping' is far more up my street!

Day 1 arrived with the sunshine, a rarity for England this year, but it was so hot even suncream was necessary! After a mini photoshoot we were on our way. 

We're very lucky to have so many festivals dotted around the UK, (I may be biased as I'm only judging from other people's experiences) but I've always thought V festival has the best general atmosphere. I'm not sure if it's because the festival seems to be targeted at my kind of demographic, but it just seems a lot more family-friendly as oppose to festivals such as Reading or Brownstock. Saying that, you obviously still get a few dodgy festival-goers (to say the least), but overall I think it has a really nice vibe. Nevertheless, if you're wondering why the quality of my photos deteriorate from here on, it's because I was too scared to take my camera with me in fear of losing it or it being stolen.

And of course we saw some amazing acts; Ellie Goulding, Nero, Jess Glynne, Sam Smith, The Script, Hozier, George Ezra, James Bay, Calvin Harris.... I could go on. And although I'm not a massive fan myself, I think for many festival-goers Tom Jones was the highlight this year! For others, perhaps the highlight was Labrinth proposing to his girlfriend on stage (as somebody who apparently doesn't like being on stage at all, she didn't look too impressed to me!) but it was a crowd-pleaser all the same. Jess Glynne cried on stage gazing out at her supportive fans after coming back from a throat operation, and the Scripts' Danny O'Donoghue actually jumped into the crowd as a symbol of thanks for the bands' supporters - it was all very emotional!

Day 2 was just as fun if not more so. Even the rain couldn't dampen our spirits (it did for 30 minutes but that's nothing a free cup of tea in the PG Tips tent couldn't solve.)

A few of my friends are into the whole Grime-scene so had gone to see Skepta. My friend Ola and I aren't, but attempted to brave the crowd holding boiling hot cups of tea... Then 'Shutdown' came on - as you can imagine we made a swift exit. By this time it was pouring, and I mean pouring with rain. After finding our group, my friend Ellie-Mae and I discovered that we only had one poncho to share between two of us as the other had ripped... But who needs to buy two ponchos when you can share one right? Yep, we danced our way through Ella Eyre's set like this....

After eating a Yorkshire pudding for lunch filled with God knows what, we spent the rest of the day dancing off the rain. Thankfully the sun made an appearance in the evening, just in time for Calvin Harris' set. We were early so thought we'd make our way to the front for the best atmosphere. We then realised that perhaps this wasn't the best idea once the other few thousand people turned up, whilst others decided to create a mosh-pit. We were crushed, but it was brilliant fun all the same and as I always say, a story to tell the future grand-kids!